It’s not about the ‘Bad boy’ or the ‘Nice Guy’

Today I had one of those Eureka moments, during a conversation with a fellow free thinking woman, on men and dating, and our personal preferences.

As we described our likes and preferences, it came about that race, religion, creed, did not matter….all that mattered was that he be an Alpha male, or even a beta male, but definitely not the Omega, and from our own experiences, most of those so called ‘Nice guys’ fall into the Omega category.

Here are top 10 signs you are not an alpha male, according to, in descending order:

10: You let her pay for dinner

An Alpha Male provides for his pack. If she tries to contribute to this, he calmly takes the cheque and says, “I’ll handle this.” End of discussion.

9: You never apologise, even when you are wrong

An Alpha Male has no hang-ups. He simply says, “I was wrong. Apologise.” And he rectifies the problem if possible.

8: You suck up to leaders and seek their approval

An Alpha Male doesn’t suck up to anyone. He is the leader.

7: You Gossip

About your boss. About your buddies. About your girlfriend. You don’t mind pointing out other people’s failings and weaknesses and having a good laugh. An Alpha Male never betrays his pack. He doesn’t need to build himself up by tearing others down.

6: You Panic in a Crisis

An Alpha Male’s natural element is change. Rapid change is simply an interesting challenge to him. He goes into a special kind of ice-cold, almost detached state, quickly sums up the situation, does due diligence if time allows for it, and acts immediately and decisively based on prior experience if there is no time to spare.

5: You act before you think

Male may act with lightning speed, but he always thinks before he acts. He never runs to the corner and goes off in all directions like a type-A guy does.

4: You blame others

An Alpha Male takes responsibility for his own actions.

3: You Lie

To your boss. To your buddies. To your girlfriend. An Alpha Male isn’t a liar. He’s a stand-up guy; he shoots straight. He doesn’t have to slither out of a mess he got himself into. He does what’s right, and lets the chips fall where they may.

2: You Betray others to get ahead

An Alpha Male never betrays a member of his pack.

1: You Bully People

Male takes on a real fight when it is necessary, and only if it is necessary (Alphas are not “scrappers”), but he won’t think twice taking on someone far bigger/stronger/better-situated than he is if the matter being decided is serious. And due to his fierce drive, chances are good he will win.




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